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Simple Investor Management Software

Everything you need to manage your investors.
A simple, clean user experience.

‍Still managing investor in Excel?

Manage all of your prospects and investors from the same location along with their investments, distributions, bank accounts, and project updates.

Enterprise level security and two factor authentication ensure your sensitive data is protected.

Still managing capital raises with Excel, Dropbox, and DocuSign?

Make your capital raises painless and scalable with our industry leading capital raise dashboard.

Send your prospects a great looking deal page and watch the investments, signatures, and funds come in from the real-time sponsor dashboard.

Still managing K1s with email and DropBox?

Have your CPA bulk upload investor K1s to each project.

Imagine uploading 100 documents in less than 5 minutes...

‍Still segmenting and tagging investors in MailChimp or Constant Contact?

Forget segmenting every time you close a new deal.

Send your investors a beautiful templated project update with the click of a button.

Or require them log in to view the update so they'll be sure to see the new deal you're raising for.

Partner with multiple teams?

More and more syndicators are partnering with co-sponsors on deals to raise more capital and manage bigger deals.

Investor Deal Room is the only white labeled investor portal that allows for the co-branding and co-management of multiple sponsors on a project.

Allow other teams to raise capital and help with investor management while keeping your company's investors separate from theirs.

What our clients have to say

In order to maintain the highest quality of support and service we only work with clients we think will be a great fit. Here's what some of our clients and partners have had to say.
“We’ve been able to automate of a huge chunk of our investor management, from getting subscription documents signed, getting payout details, generating the welcome letters, and it’s been huge.”
Andrew Campbell
“I honestly don’t know how’d we be doing this raise as successfully and professionally and saving so much time without this.”
Kristine Jefferson
“Our investor feedback has been amazing and our capital raises and K1 management are a thousand times easer.”
Aaron Cook
"Being able to gain visibility into our investors, rank them by number of deals or amount invested, etc, has been extremely useful. Additionally, we really enjoy working with Josiah & the IDR team."
David Thompson
"I’ve now used two other platforms and hands down IDR is the best for what I do."
Steeve Breton
"After evaluating IMS, Juniper Square, and smaller investor portals on the market, I was very impressed with the simplicity and the functionality of IDR. Many of my personal investments are now on IDR which I believe is by far the most intuitive and simple."

Jacob A.
Director of Valuations

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