Investor Management Software

For Real Estate Syndicators and Fund Managers

Increase your back office efficiency and decrease investor questions so you can focus on scaling your business.

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Automate Investor Subscriptions

Put Your Capital Raise On Autopilot

Our proprietary Investment Workflow tool allows us to create a smooth investment workflow that makes the process seamless for you and your investors.

  • Collect Soft Commits
  • Track Investor Progress
  • Get Subscription Documents Signed
  • Provide Secure Wiring Instructions
  • Manage Capital Raisers
Portrait of Campbell Kerr - Arbor Stone Capital

“I honestly don’t know how’d we be doing this raise as successfully and professionally and time-saving without IDR.”

Increase Credibility And Transparency

Project organization and professional credibility.

Investors are reluctant to invest with sponsors they don’t trust. Project instant credibility while also allowing your investors to self serve.

  • White Labeled
  • Beautifully Designed
  • Easy To Use
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Everything In One Place
Portrait of Andrew Campbell - Wildhorn Capital

“The most powerful thing that’s hard to quantify is how important the level of professionalism we bring is. Having two factor authentication, email verification, to have that and be able to tout it to investors is extremely legitimizing”.

Andrew Campbell

Wildhorn Capital

Automate Investor Update Requests

Stop wasting time responding to investor update requests

If you want to scale your business, you have to put systems in place that don’t require you to manually respond to every investor update request. Let  investors update their contact and investment information on their own!

  • Update Contact Details
  • Update Legal Entity Details
  • View K1s and Subscription Documents
  • Verify Accredited Status
  • Self Subscribe To New Offerings
Portrait of Campbell Kerr - Arbor Stone Capital

“It has become a source of truth for not only us as owners but also our investors where they can login and see all documentation, returns and future opportunities. As a result, we’re able to move quicker and manage our business more efficiently.”

Campbell Kerr

ArborStone Capital

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