Colin Schacherbauer

Should I Raise Capital Under A Rule 506(b) Or 506(c) For My Private Offering?

Choosing between a Rule 506(b) or Rule 506(c) impacts your capital raise significantly. It determines what advertising you can do, and which types of investors will be allowed to invest. It also determines how you'll have to to verify your investors' accreditation status. We'll be covering a lot of information in this post, but it's ... Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Syndication Pitch Books

Investors see hundreds of pitch books every year. Your pitch book is the only thing that private investors ever see about you, your real estate syndication company, and your investment opportunity. You’re a snowflake in an avalanche. Even if you are already using an investor portal software, that tool only helps to amplify your pitch … Read more

Best Ever Conference

Investor Deal Room client appreciation dinner

February 20th, was IDR’s first appearance at the Best Ever Conference in Keystone, Colorado. However, we weren’t at a booth handing out cards or giving live demos of our investor portal. Brothers, Josiah (CEO/Founder) and Jesse Mann (Customer Success Manager) were our two man team on the ground. Jesse mingled with the syndicators in the … Read more

Musical Job Roles

Photo of red chairs at a white table
Working at a startup can seem a bit like a game of musical chairs at times. We are always looking for the best way to utilize our small team of talented individuals. It’s a process of fine-tuning each of our responsibilities over time. Additionally, we want you to know which of us will be handling ... Read more