Automate Your Capital Raise

Put your capital raise on autopilot and cut down on the emails back and forth. Share a registration link with investors and watch the funds come in.

Capital Raise Management Investment Tracker Screenshot

Reduce Sponsor Input

Stop wasting time emailing investors back and forth to raise money. Share a link with investors and watch the money come in.

Eliminate Friction

Remove hidden barriers that are causing investors to drop out by providing crystal clear processes and a world class user experience.

Collect The Right Information

Collect all the information you need from your investors without having to dig it out of Docusign later.

Get More Organized

Stop losing out on investors because your process lacks clarity. Every unclear step in your process, every minute waiting on another email, is a potential for investors to drop out.

Everything In One Location

Let your investors review the deal, documents, and media, and FAQ from one location. Then let them soft commit or invest when they’re ready.

  • Offering Overview
  • Offering Documents
  • Proforma Metrics
  • Embedded Media (Webinars, Flyover Videos, etc)
  • FAQs

Collect Sensitive Information

Stop wasting hours copying information out of your subscription documents and into yet another spreadsheet.

Collect everything you need for your W9s and K1 filings in one secure location.

  • Automatically Collect W9 Information
  • Automatically Collect K1 Information
  • Automatically Collect Bank Account Information

Get Documents Signed

After entering their investment amount and legal information investors are redirected to Docusign to complete their subscription documents (which have already been pre-populated with information from the portal).

  • Get subscription documents signed automatically
  • Data pre-populates from the portal
  • Investors receive a signed copy when complete
  • You have complete control of the countersigning process
Portrait of Andrew Campbell - Wildhorn Capital

“We’ve been able to automate of a huge chunk of our investor management, from getting subscription documents signed, getting payout details, generating the welcome letters, and it’s been huge.
During our raises our time spent managing investors has gone from probably 45 minutes per investor to about 5 minutes.”

Andrew Campbell

Wildhorn Capital

Provide Secure Wiring Instructions

Provide your investors with secure wiring instructions immediately upon completing their subscription documents.

  • No more emailing wiring instructions
  • Get notified when funds are sent
  • No more investor emails asking if funds have been received

Confirm Receipt Of Funds

In many cases, the only involvement you have left in the process is checking the bank account and confirming receipt of funds!

  • Easily see which investor sent funds from your dashboard
  • Automatically send branded, configurable confirmation letters
  • View a real time capital raise dashboard

Verify Accreditation

Verify investor accreditation using our built in third party verification template or using your own third party process.

  • Quick verification process
  • Verification status tracked in dashboard
  • Customizable template and language
Portrait of Kristine Jefferson - Mission Bay Capital Group

“I honestly don’t know how’d we be doing this raise as successfully, professionally, and efficiently without Investor Deal Room.
Additionally the tutorials are fantastic and their customer service is top notch.”

More Features

Fully Customizable Workflows

Arrange the stages of your investment workflow to create the investor experience you've always wanted.

Multiple Deal Templates

Create multiple workflows and save your settings to simplify future raises.

Mobile-friendly Subscription Process

Create custom forms to capture investor information and pre-fill subscription documents.

Docusign Integration

Your portal will link to your existing Docusign account and make signing a breeze for your investors.

Investment Tracker

Track each investor's progress through the capital raise process, and see individual and total commitments at a glance.

Referral Tracking

Allow referring partners to see investors tagged to their team and view their progress at a glance.

What it looks like

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a Docusign account is included in your subscription.

We provide optional project and Docusign setup services that usually take 3-4 days.

For pro users, your team can set up the process on your own and link your Docusign template as soon as you’re ready.


Our proprietary investment workflow tool allows us to completely customize your the investment process to your needs. Additionally, we offer custom portal development for any features our core product doesn’t support.

Yes and no.

Our proprietary investment workflow tool allows us to completely customize your the investment process to your needs. 

If there are any features you would like that we don’t support yet, we can set up a custom scope of work and get it built.

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