“Our investor feedback has been amazing and our capital raises and K1 management are a thousand times easer.”

Private equity fund management company streamlines investor management while scaling to hundreds of investors.
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    Private Equity Fund Management


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    Plano, Texas

Aaron Cook was beginning to scale his investor base and increase his equity under management. He knew he needed to have the technology and tools in place to help him be efficient and provide his investors with a great experience to stand out from the crowd.

Struggling to find a good solution at a reasonable price point, he eventually hired a web development company to build a custom solution.

The process was much more difficult and expensive than he had expected but even the basic web portal he built received great response from investors.

After realizing the cost savings compared to building it on his own, Covemark migrated to Investor Deal Room and immediately saw results.

“We started having investors reach out and ask us when our next deal was going to be.”

The ease of use and how intuitive and well designed it is are all huge plusses for us. The other solutions we checked out we so cumbersome that we couldn’t see ourselves using them.

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