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“Investor Deal Room has become a big part of our investor management strategy.”

Co-sponsor allows 500+ investors to see all their deals across multiple operators in one place.
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    Thompson Investing


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    Real Estate Investment, Investment Management


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    Austin, Texas

Dave Thompson of Thompson Investing has grown his business rapidly over the last few years and now has over 500 active investors in more than 30 deals.

As his company grew, investor requests started to really ramp up.

Investors wanted to update their mailing address, they didn’t remember which deals they had invested how much in, they wanted to know when their distribution would hit their account… all in all it had become kind of a pain to manage.

Since Thompson Investing acts as a co-sponsor with multiple operators, showing his investors all their data presented a challenge that the big name alternatives aren’t suited to handle.

Getting the Thompson Investing portal in place allowed their investors to access and self-manage all of that information from one secure location, which has allowed Dave and his team to provide better service while reducing their workload.

Now Dave and his team are able to focus more of their time on raising equity and vetting his next deal instead of being bombarded with investor emails.

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