Wildhorn Capital

“We’ve been able to automate of a huge chunk of our investor management, from getting subscription documents signed, getting payout details, generating the welcome letters, and it’s been huge.”

Austin based investment company raises $45M+ in private investor equity using Investor Deal Room.
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    Wildhorn Capital


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    Multifamily Investing, Apartment Investing


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    Austin, Texas

Wildhorn Capital Case Study

Wildhorn Capital is a multifamily investment company based out of Austin that has been able to decrease their investor management time dramatically while growing their investor base to over 500 active investors and increasing referrals.

Through automating a lot of their workflows with IDR, we’ve been able to reduce their investor management time dramatically from 45 minutes per investor to about 5 minutes per investor.

”The most powerful thing that’s hard to quantify is how important the level of professionalism we bring is. Having two factor authentication, email verification, to have that and be able to tout it to investors is extremely legitimizing”.

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