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Dress to Impress: How an Investor Portal Spotlights the Syndicator

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In the world of real estate syndication, locating potential investors might not be the biggest challenge. The real challenge is convincing them to invest with you. Winning investors is beyond pitch decks and meetings. It’s showing legitimacy as they recognize who they invest in matters most. Real estate syndicators are responsible for ensuring the business runs smoothly and remains profitable, from underwriting deals to completing … Read more

Is your investor facing website vulnerable to being hacked?

Hacker hacking an investor website

Is your investor website vulnerable to being hacked? Do you know if your web design team has a firewall in place protecting your website? Most web designers use frameworks like WordPress to build websites, but they often don’t know much about managing the behind the scenes technology that powers the website. I used to be … Read more

Bonus – How to protect your investors’ sensitive data from hackers

Stop sharing wiring instructions over email. One of our early clients lost $200,000 in his first syndication to wire fraud. Another syndicator I know lost 50k to the same hack. Here’s the thing – emails can be spoofed. And bad actors get better at it day after day. You’ve probably seen emails coming from Microsoft … Read more

How to protect your investors’ sensitive data from hackers – Part 3 of 3

Stop sharing sensitive files over email directly Asking small investment companies to not share investor data over email is tough – but when it comes to documents it’s a good practice to use a service specifically for sharing them securely – think Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. In the first part of this series, we fixed … Read more