Data Consolidation & Simplified Reporting

Getting off of Excel and getting your data out of Docusign has never been so easy. Your new investor management software is the single source of truth for you and your CPA.

  • Investment Reports
  • Investor Profile Reports (Legal Entities, Payout Preferences, etc.)
  • Distribution History Report
  • CRM Contacts Report


We’ve provided a host of reporting tools to help you track performance and activity in your portal. Coupled with a robust notification system, you’ll create a high level of transparency across multiple capital raises, investments, and investors.

Our reporting tools will make tax time a breeze and can help organize data for any situation.

Notifications ensure that you are always caught up with any updates your investors make to their investment profiles, as well as help you track the progress of your capital raises.


Whether you’re looking to generate performance reports after a capital raise, or an investment report to take to your CPA at tax time, we’ve got you covered. All of our reports export to a simple excel sheet that can easily be uploaded into any financial software.

Stop wasting time on tedious data entry, and start using technology to increase visibility and transparency across your enterprise. We’ll help you simplify tax time, and give you access to all the reports you need, when you need them.



Additionally, we’ve provided several notifications to increase awareness and ensure that external records and back ups are always up to date.

These notifications can be customized as part of your unique investment workflow to further track investors as they progress through your capital raises.

Here are some of the notifications you can set up to further track portal changes.

  • A Distribution Notification that is delivered to your partners informing them that a new distribution has been published. This allows for partners to issue their own notifications to their investors about new distributions and ensures that you are always respecting communication preferences outlined by your partners.
  • A New Document Notification for anytime a new document is uploaded. This is great for K1’s and other updates, and can be toggled on a document by document basis whether uploading documents in bulk or one at a time .
  • A Legal Entity Update for when an investor updates their investment profile.
  • A User Registration Notification for anytime a new user registers to the portal.
  • A Profile Update for when Investors make changes to their unified investor profile.
  • An Updated Bank Account Notification for when your investors change their payout preferences.
  • A Documents Signed Notification for when your investors have completed their subscription documents.

Reporting Features

Investment Reports

Export investments by project along with legal entities, EINs, investment totals, dates, and more. Filter by offering and/or referring partner.

CRM Reports

This report provides insight into your most valuable investors by project or in total by displaying total investments, number of investments, along with other basic contact information.

Distribution Reports

The distribution report is an easy way to gain insight into the performance of specific properties, funds, or alternate investments across your enterprise or on a project by project basis.

Partner Reports

Easily check in on your referring partners / co-gps and track their investor's contributions to your capital raises.

Custom Exports

Need to export some other specific information? We can generate a custom export based on your needs.


You can always count on the fact that a real live person is around to help you when needed. We provide top notch support via phone or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need a report that isn't listed above?

We have plans to build more advanced reporting functionality, but in the meantime  our team can generate and run exports for any of your portal data.

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