Distribution Management

Set up your cap table with the click of a button, then run distribution calculations and generate personalized investor statements with another.

  • One Click Distribution Calculator
  • Investor Statement Generator
  • Choose What Metrics To Show
  • One Click Export of Payout Preferences
  • And More

Save time on running distributions

If you’ve been using spreadsheets to track distributions you’re about to learn how we can save you time and energy by publishing new distributions in as little as a few minutes.

We’ve optimized our distribution process to give sponsors the customization they need, while peeling back the layers of complexity that sometimes make distributions a headache.

Publishing a distribution in your IDR portal is a simple process, with much of the work being completed during the initial project set-up.

Once we’ve finished setting up your cap table all we need is a total distribution amount and our distribution calculator will take care of the rest.


With your IDR portal, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily manage your cap table and investment classes.
  • Calculate distributions total distribution amount or by ROI.
  • Manually enter custom ROI metrics to display.
  • Easily generate personal investment statements for investors.
  • Easily collect and manage payout preferences.
  • Send a payment details update request prior to submitting distributions.
  • Export payout preferences.

We’re also busy at work developing functionality that will allow you to send payments directly through your IDR portal! ACH and CHECK PAYMENTS COMING SOON!

Distribution Management

Distribution Calculator

Get your distributions out of Excel and increase investor transparency. Easily calculate distributions via ownership percentage or ROI.

Custom Distribution Metrics

Showcase the performance metric of your choice... IRR, ROI, Preferred Return, YTD Annualized, you name it. You provide the data and we'll show investors.

Investor Statements

Generate personalized statements for your investors. Statements are professional, branded PDF documents displaying historical investment performance.

Export Payout Information

A distribution report with payout amounts and payout preferences are just a couple clicks away. If you're sending payments outside the portal, this report has everything you need.

Payout Preference Notification

Avoid the pain of sending money to the wrong place and prompt your investors to update their payout preferences prior to running your distribution.

Secure By Default

Investor's sensitive information is always encrypted with military grade encryption and accessing bank information requires appropriate roles and two factor authentication.

Distribution Waterfalls

Our distribution waterfall calculator is currently under development for more complex waterfall structures. If you have a waterfall you'd like to be included in testing, send it our way!
(Coming Soon)

ACH Payouts

Send ACH payouts directly from your portal with the click of a button. View payment history. (Coming soon).


You can always count on the fact that a real live person is around to help you when needed. We provide top notch support via phone or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your distribution calculator work for my distribution setup?


Most sponsors we work with are using one of a couple basic structures and our distribution calculator automates those processes and reduces the likelihood of errors.

In the few cases where our sponsors are doing more complex waterfall calculations on every distribution, they are able to use a simplified excel upload process to display that data to investors until we finish the calculator.

Does the portal track my (Class B / GP) investors?


Our cap table management system is easy to set up and use and allows you to add multiple classes and easily allocate ownership percentages.

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