Benefits and Features

Spend less time managing investors and more time growing your business.

Reduce Sponsor Input

Stop wasting time emailing investors back and forth to raise money. Share a link with investors and watch the money come in.

Eliminate Friction

Remove hidden barriers that are causing investors to drop out by providing crystal clear processes and a world class user experience.

Collect The Right Information

Collect all the information you need from your investors without having to dig it out of Docusign later.

Get More Organized

Stop losing out on investors because your process lacks clarity. Every unclear step in your process, every minute waiting on another email, is a potential for investors to drop out.

Everything In One Location

All your investors existing investments, distributions, documents, updates, and FAQs in one place. No more phone calls asking about distributions or investment amounts.

  • Investment Details
  • Distributions
  • Documents
  • Updates
  • FAQS

Allow Investors To Update Their Profiles

Let investors update their contact information, bank account information, and investment profiles. You just review their changes.

  • Investors can update their address
  • Investors can have multiple investment profiles
  • Investors can request changes and you can approve with one click

Raise Capital On Autopilot

Ready to raise for your next deal? After you set up your new deal it’s as simple as sharing a link with investors and watching the funds roll in. Your investors do all the work and will thank you for the easy experience.

  • Beautiful deal pages
  • Accept Soft Commits
  • Get subscription documents signed automatically
  • Securely share wiring instructions
  • Confirm receipt of funds
Automate Investor Subscriptions

Portrait of Andrew Campbell - Wildhorn Capital

“The most powerful thing that’s hard to quantify is how important the level of professionalism we bring is. Having two factor authentication, email verification, to have that and be able to tout it to investors is extremely legitimizing”

Andrew Campbell

Wildhorn Capital

Send Investment Updates

Send all your quarterly or monthly updates out to investors with the few clicks of a button.

  • Investors can see previous updates
  • Include images and media
  • Email all investors with a few clicks

Manage Documents

Upload any document and make it visible to a single investor or bulk upload your K1s in seconds!

  • Upload documents to individual investors
  • Make a document visible to all investors in a deal
  • Upload K1s in seconds and notify your investors
Secure Document Management

Automate Distributions

Easily calculate distributions or upload your own to display to your investors. Send a beautiful PDF notice to investors.

  • Upload Your Distributions
  • Auto Calculate Investor Distributions
  • Send PDF distribution notice
  • Send ACH Payments (Coming Q4 2021)
Portrait of Campbell Kerr - Arbor Stone Capital

“It has become a source of truth for not only us as owners but also our investors where they can login and see all documentation, returns and future opportunities. As a result, we’re able to move quicker and manage our business more efficiently.”

Campbell Kerr

ArborStone Capital

More Features

Custom Fields

Easily track any custom metric or information about an investment, investor, or distribution.


Store contact information about all your investors along with a centralized view of their investments, legal entities, bank account information, notes, tags, and more.

Mobile-friendly Subscription Process

Create custom forms to capture investor information and pre-fill subscription documents.

Docusign Integration

Your portal will link to your existing Docusign account and make signing a breeze for your investors.

Investment Tracker

Track each investor's progress through the capital raise process, and see individual and total commitments at a glance.

Referral Tracking

Allow referring partners to see investors tagged to their team and view their progress at a glance.