Investment Summary Creation Service

Stop wasting your time learning design

All too often, sponsors spend way too much time creating their investment summaries.

That’s because they’re not only trying to come up with the content, they’re also trying to design that content in a way that will be attractive to investors.

That’s a sensible mistake, but not one that you have to make.

Spend your time focusing on the content and the numbers and let us help with the design.

We have years of experience in the private investment world and can both consult you to improve your process and add our expertise from a design perspective.

If you’d like to learn more, shoot us an email through our contact form and we’ll hop on a call.

That said, if you’re stubborn like me, we’ve have also compiled a list of investment summary templates and other useful resources for creating your investment summary.

My top resources for creating investment summaries

  1. Canva
    1. Canva is an awesome, web-based design tool with a huge template library. You can simply select a pitch deck template and start adding content.
  2. Free Pitch Deck Templates – coming soon
    1. The folks over at also specialize in creating investment pitch decks.
  4. Fiverr
    1. Fiver is a freelance marketplace of inexpensive service providers. It can be a great resources for getting a basic design done quickly and on the cheap.

If you’d like to learn more about our investment summary creation services, click here.