Is your investor facing website vulnerable to being hacked?

Is your investor website vulnerable to being hacked?

Do you know if your web design team has a firewall in place protecting your website?

Most web designers use frameworks like WordPress to build websites, but they often don’t know much about managing the behind the scenes technology that powers the website.

I used to be guilty of this myself.

I learned to use WordPress, started selling websites to businesses, and used my design skills to create websites that helped them build their businesses and made their phones ring.

One day I got a panicked email from an old client, a year or more after I had built their website, freaking out because their website was displaying lewd adult content…

I had no idea what happened.

After hours and hours of digging, and eventually hiring experts to help me dig, I learned that a contact form had been hacked and had been used to gain access to their website.

I learned from that experience and a few more like it and now use a quality firewall to protect all of our websites from attacks like this.

Last night my firewall plugin emailed me to let me know our site was directly attacked.

Picture of wordpress website being hackedYou probably can’t read this from the code, but this is the exact type of attack that allows that type of situation to occur.

Solution – get a firewall!

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