Investor Portal For Hosting Documents

Is there really a good reason to use an investor portal for hosting documents?

If you’ve been using some combination of Dropbox, Google Drive, Docusign, and email, here are 4 important benefits of using an investor portal for hosting your investors’ documents in an investor portal.

Work More Efficiently

Investment firms that are still using email and Dropbox waste tons of time managing folder access across multiple deals and dozens or hundreds of investors.

Not only does it waste your time to have to re-send a document via email or Dropbox link to investors, it also wastes the investor’s time.

An investor portal software lets your investors see all the documents that are private to them as well as publicly available investment documents (Quarterly Reports, Financials, etc.) with one secure login.

Organized How You Think

With a tool like Dropbox, you have to create your own folder structure, which typically means creating a public folder for your offering documents, then creating an individual investor folder for each investor in your deal.

An investor portal organizes your investors by investment and then let’s you upload documents and either assign them to an individual investor or make them public to all investors in that deal.

No more endless folder creation and management.

Built In Security

With the right investor portal, security is built in from the outset.

Investors are able to log in with their username and password and are able to turn on two factor authentication for additional security.

Additionally, a separate file hosting bucket is created using military grade encryption algorithms, backups are made daily, along with version logs and more.

Purpose Built Tools

Another huge benefit of using an investor portal is access to purpose built tools like K1 matching and bulk uploads.

Our K1 matching tool allows you to upload dozens or more investor K1s at a time and automatically finds the right investor profile to upload to.

Better Investor Experience

While the primary purpose of an investor document portal is to allow investors to easily access all the documents related to a specific deal and to allow sponsors to distribute documents easily, a huge secondary benefit is “the wow factor”.

You may not realize it at first, but the little things make a big difference when it comes to the service you’re offering to your investors.

If investors have to jump through hoops to find their documents with your company but another company makes it easy, which one do you think the investor is more likely to reinvest with in the future?


There are a lot of benefits to using an investor portal for hosting documents, but it really depends on your company and what makes sense for your business.

We offering simple investor portals for document management starting at $250/mo with a low, one time setup fee.