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Real Estate Investor Portal Software

Investor Deal Room offers an ultra modern, user friendly real estate investor portal solution that helps syndicators and private equity real estate firms "wow" their investors and streamline their back office operations.

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Investor Deal Room provides real estate investors with the a cutting edge, user friendly, and customizable real estate investor portal software made specifically for private investment managers. 

Investor portals are available for various industries serving private and public investment, but this article will focus on the investor portals we build for private real estate investment firms.

Why do real estate syndicators and commercial investment firms need an investor portal?

Investors want to see everything at a glance, and even a simple portal can allow you to show your projects to investors. Managing services like Dropbox can work from the start, but the Investor Portal software can increase your business’s professionalism and make it easier for your GPS to manage its investors, as well as share information about your company’s projects and activities with you and your investors. Investors want to know if their investment is going well, so they want to see not only what you are doing, but what is going on. 

With so many private investment firms still doing things via spreadsheets and emails, a white-labelled investor portal can help a GP stand out from the competition and organize their business.

Here are some of the top reasons to consider an investor portal for your company.

Stand Out From The Competition

Web-based investor portals have the ability to significantly increase the GP’s credibility in the eyes of an LP.

This may be obvious, but if you worked with two investment firms producing similar returns and one has a portal where you can view your documents, reports, updates, distributions, ROI, and more… and the other is sending an email once a month or quarter, who are you more likely to invest with?

Additionally, every time an investor logs in to view an investment, you are presented with a new marketing opportunity to collect soft commits or investments for your new deal.

Here’s what Andrew Campbell at Wildhorn Cap had to say about his investor portal.

“The most powerful thing that’s hard to quantify is how important the level of professionalism we bring is. Having two factor authentication, email verification, to have that and be able to tout it to investors is extremely legitimizing”.

Organize Your Back Office and Accounting

The more deals and investors you manage, the more of a challenge it becomes to stay on top of your investor’s data.

Multiple legal entities, different bank accounts and payout preferences for each deal, ownership percentages, distributions… and the list goes on.

All of this information has to be as up to date as possible come tax time and distribution time, and managing things on multiple spreadsheets only gets you so far.

Real estate investor portal back office software can create a central source of truth for you and your accounting team to manage your investor information.

Organize Your Fundraises

Raising capital can be both a blessing and a curse.

If you’re already to the point where you have a clear process for raising capital, moving that process over to an investor portal software can totally disrupt your flow.

But if you find a software that can tail it’s capital raising process to your own, you can put your entire capital raise process on autopilot.

For some real estate investment firms that means letting investors do all of the work – entering their commitment, selecting a legal entity, e-signing Docusign documents, then wiring funds.

For other firms managing institutional investors it might mean doing a little more work on their own to reduce the time burden on their investors and make sure everything is white gloved.

Our capital raise tracker puts you in charge of your fundraising process with the tools you need to make things work smoothly.

Allow Investors To Self Manage

As a real estate firm grow, investor update requests begin taking more and more of your team’s time.

Updating legal entities and bank accounts, moving investments around, and changes of address can start to be a real waste of time.

The right real estate investor portal will allow you to put all of those update requests on autopilot and let your investors request updates and manage their investments directly through the portal.

What features are most important for real estate investor portals?

Features vary from software solutions for investor portals that focus exclusively on LP experience to others that manage an investment firm’s back office. 

Most real estate investor portals, at a bare minimum, provide a secure document management system that shares K1s and subscription documents with investors.

At Investor Deal Room, we build custom real estate investor portals and have an existing product that can be tailored to fit your needs.

Here are some of the more important features many of our real estate investment managers use.


Different portals are going to have different levels of CRM functionality.

Some of them expect to totally replace full fledged CRMs like Hubspot and ActiveCampaign.

We don’t.

Our CRM is robust and useful for storing information about your investors, sending emails, and more. But we think it works best in combination with a prospecting and pipeline management tool.

Our modern investor relations CRM optimized to help you get your sensitive investor information out of spreadsheets, Docusign, and Dropbox and directly into your secure portal.

  • Bulk Email & Project Updates
  • Custom Fields & Tags
  • Investor Accreditation Tracking
  • Investor Profile Management
  • And Much More

Secure Document Management

Securely share private documents and investment updates with investors with the click of a button. Upload all of your K1s instantaneously with our smart name matching.

  • Bulk Upload K1s
  • Document Uploaded Notifications
  • Folder Management
  • Store Documents to Individual CRM Contacts
  • Secure S3 Storage
  • Allow Investors To Securely Upload Documents

Distribution Tracking

Some real estate investor portals have the ability to track investor distributions, some also have the ability to send payments directly to investors.

Our distribution tracking tools let you set up your cap table with the click of a button, then run distribution calculations and generate personalized investor statements with another.

  • One Click Distribution Calculator
  • Investor Statement Generator
  • Choose What Metrics To Show
  • One Click Export of Payout Preferences
  • Bank Transfers

Investor Reporting

Investor reporting is a given with a real estate investor portal, but different companies handle things differently, and different software solutions do too.

Our portal lets you either upload investor reports to all investors in a project and send a notification and even generates individual investor statements.

If you’re doing more regular reports you can also use our “Updates” tool to send an investor update out via email to all the investors in a project.

Capital Raising

To raise capital from private investors, the fundraising process can be automated, from creating a landing page, collecting commitments, signing documents, accepting payments, to raising capital.

Our portal makes raising capital from tons of investors easy. Our proprietary Investment Workflow tool allows us to create a smooth investment workflow that makes the process seamless for you and your investors.

  • Investment Tracker Dashboard
  • Customizable Investment Workflow
  • Investor data pre-filled into Docusign
  • Referral / Co-GP Management


Different software providers handle security and even understand cybersecurity differently.

At the very least a real estate investor portal should help you stop putting your investor’s money and your business at risk sending wiring instructions over email.

Our portals have two-factor authentication, use military grade encryption, and we perform regular penetration tests to ensure your protection.

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Regular Penetration Tests (performed by outside third party vendors)

Investor Update Request Management

What should you expect to spend on a real estate investor portal?

Price can vary depending on whether you’re having a portal custom built or whether our pre-built solution can serve your needs, but as a rule of thumb you can expect to spend around $1000-$3000/mo for a good quality  investor portal with support.

Other cheaper solutions exist with varying levels of support, but our product pricing starts at around $1000/mo for our investor portal software and around $250/mo for our custom solutions (with higher one time fees for building).

View more details on our pricing page.