A modern investor relations CRM optimized to help you get your sensitive investor information out of spreadsheets, Docusign, and Dropbox and directly into your secure portal.

  • Bulk Email & Project Updates
  • Custom Fields & Tags
  • Investor Accreditation Tracking
  • Investor Profile Management
  • And Much More

A CRM Tailored For Investor Relations

Transparent and personalized communication is critical to building long lasting relationships with your investors.

We’ve tailored our CRM to improve engagement and create repeat investors for future capital raises.

You Know Your Clients Best

When we first went live to our initial clients, our CRM was just a basic placeholder for investor contact information.

Since then, we’ve gathered years worth of feedback from sponsors just like you on how a CRM for investor management should look and operate.

We’ve distilled this feedback into a product that is optimized for managing your investor relations.

Still, we knew it wasn’t enough to create a “one size fits all” product.

Sponsors need tools that can customize, personalize, and automate investor communications. We wanted to give creative control back to our clients and let them communicate the way they wanted, without limitation.

That’s exactly what we believe we’ve done.

Here are some of the things you can do with our Investor Relations CRM:

  • Store all investor information in one place.
  • Keep track of multiple investment profiles per investor.
  • Keep track of Investor Accreditation verification.
  • Create custom investor questionnaires.
  • Keep a log of all your phone, email, and in-person interactions.
  • Create custom tags and custom fields.
  • Create reusable email templates.
  • Use merge fields in bulk emails.
  • Bulk import contacts and investments.
  • Easily run reports and export all of your data.

Did we mention that our CRM integrates seamlessly with our proprietary Investment Workflow Builder to require investor questionnaires and send emails as part of your unique investment process!?

Features Of Our Investor Relations CRM

Single Source Of Truth

Get rid of your spreadsheets and store all your investor information in one secure location.

Project Updates

Easily send a project update to all investors in any deal and allow them to see previous updates in one place.


Quickly and easily start grouping your investors by adding custom tags to their profile.

Bulk Email

Filter your investors by investments, by leads, by tags, and more and send a group email.

Investor Accreditation

Track each investors accreditation status, method of verification, and verification expiration date.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to organize the information you're collecting on investors.

Secure Document Storage

Securely store sensitive accreditation documents and other sensitive documents within an individual CRM record.

Investment History

View all your investor's investments, distributions, documents, and investment profiles from a simple unified view.


You can always count on the fact that a real live person is around to help you when needed. We provide top notch support via phone or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our investor relations CRM is meant to work alongside an email newsletter.

While the portal can send out project updates and bulk email, this functionality is meant to provide investor updates rather than to send out email blasts to a large list.

There are many great CRMs that provide email newsletters, email automation, and list management at a very low cost. Many of our sponsors use Mailchimp for basic email newsletters and ActiveCampaign for advanced email marketing, then use the portal for investor management.

All of our plans allow for unlimited contacts in your investor portal.

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