Q1 2020 Product Update

We’ve been working hard over the past few months toward the completion of a major rehaul of the IDR capital raise process as well as improvements to onboarding, document management, and more.

We hosted a live webinar on Wednesday, April 15 to go over the current and upcoming changes to the Investor Deal Room platform. View the replay here or download the slides here.

Q1 Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing investors on IOS devices from signing subscription documents
  • Fixed a bug causing reports to return incomplete results for some admins
  • Fixed a bug allowing a spouse signer to use same name and email as the primary signer
  • Fixed a bug causing investment tracker to load slow with more than 50 leads

Coming Soon

  • Improvements to investor experience when e-signing on mobile / IOS devices
  • Huge update to e-signing
    • Ability for admins to re-send a single document
    • Ability to pre-fill subscription document with content collected from portal
    • Ability to collect ALL investor content from portal and merge into subscription documents before signing
    • Ability to add multiple managers to sign after investor
  • Design improvements to new deal creation process
  • Ability to capture SSN as well as EIN during deal creation process
  • Much more

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