Schedule K1 Upload Notifications

The Investor Deal Room bulk upload tool allows sponsors to quickly upload dozens or more documents by dragging and dropping them onto the page and selecting which document belongs to which investor.

This alone can save sponsors precious hours during tax time, when LPs are putting the pressure on to make sure they can file taxes on time.

With this update, we’ve added the ability to send a document uploaded notifications to your LP when you upload your K1s or other documents using the bulk upload feature.

This will save you even more time since you won’t have to separately email your investor to let them know their K1 is available!

To use the feature, just navigate to the appropriate project, click the “Documents” tab, “Bulk Upload”, and then drag your documents onto the page.

Once your documents are dragged on, you can see the checkbox for sending a notification. Toggling this box will send a notification to your investors that their K1 is ready for viewing.

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