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Investor Deal Room’s industry leading real estate syndication software helps syndicators raise capital, report to investors, manage documents, and streamline their back office.

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What is real estate syndication software?

Picture of person comparing investor portal software pricingReal estate syndication software is web based software that is specifically designed to help real estate syndication firms scale their back office and improve investor relations. A good syndication software can help a small investment firms to provide an institutional quality to their investors without breaking the bank.

Investor Deal Room was created in partnership with some of the most successful real estate syndicators in the business and is used and endorsed by industry thought leaders like Michael Blank, Neil Bawa and Anna Myers (GroCapitus), Andrew Campbell and Reed Goosens (Wildhorn Capital), and many more.

Read more below to learn what problems we’ve tried to solve with our software.

What are the challenges real estate syndication firms face when scaling their business?

Challenge #1 – Managing Large Capital Raises

We surveyed dozens of syndicators and found that the number one challenge for companies who have been able to build their investor base to many dozens or even hundreds of investors was raising capital in an organized and professional manner.

Raising capital from a hundred or more investors is like herding cats.

Raising capital from a hundred or more investors while also trying to close on an asset in a short time frame is more like herding cats while the barn is on fire and a tornado is in the alley.

Here’s what the process looks like for most syndicators:

Stage #1: Start Marketing & Legal

  • Activities
    • Prepare Investment Pitch Deck
    • Start Preparing PPM & Subscription Documents
    • Plan Webinar
  • Email Blasts
    • Subject: New Investment Opportunity! Stay Tuned Next Week!

Stage #2: Collect Soft Commits

  • Activities
    • Hold Investment Opportunity Webinar
    • Start Accepting Reservations
    • Send Email Blasts
      • Subject: New Investment Opportunity Webinar!
      • Subject: Reserve Your Spot! Only $500k available!
  • Tools
    • Excel / Google Sheets for tracking soft commits
    • Mailchimp for email blasts

Stage #3: Wait On Legal

  • Activities
    • Change some verbiage in PPM
    • Change more verbiage in PPM
    • Clarify definitions of verbiage in PPM
    • Send Email Blasts
      • Subject: Subscription Documents Almost Ready
      • Subject: Apologies For The Delay…  Still Waiting On Legal
      • Subject: You Can Invest Soon… We Promise!

Stage #4: Start Accepting Funds

Now this is where things really start getting hairy. Tell me if you’ve been here before…

  • Activities
    • Track progress of each investor in spreadsheet with columns like:
      • Amount Committed
      • Name
      • Legal Entity
      • Subscription Documents Signed?
      • Subscription Documents counter-signed?
      • Distribution Preference
      • Ownership Percentage
    • Manage Documents
      • Send subscription documents via Docusign or email
      • Verify investor filled out appropriate fields and correct investment amount
      • Resend documents if not filled out right
      • Countersign documents
    • Receive Payments
      • Check Bank Account Daily for wires
      • Try to figure out which investor has a legal entity called “ABC Company Trust”
      • Try to figure out which investor has a legal entity called “ABC Partners LLC”
      • Notify investor their funds have been received
      • Generate welcome letters
    • Follow up with investors who have committed but not signed documents
    • Follow up with investors who have signed documents but didn’t get wiring instructions

And that’s not even mentioning due diligence and closing on the asset itself!

When it’s all written out, it’s probably easy to see why it’s so easy for many syndicators to feel like they’re losing control along the way.

It’s no wonder so many balls get dropped during large raises…

The problem is that every dropped ball represents a little loss of your most valuable asset as a syndicator… investor confidence.

Real estate syndicators who want to scale their business need a more organized way to raise capital for their deals.

Real estate syndicators who want to scale their business need a more organized way to raise capital.

Challenge #2 – Managing Investor Requests

The other challenge faced by many companies is managing investor updates.

This doesn’t seem to become a major problem for most companies until they have 10 or more small deals or over a hundred or so investors in bigger deals.

In talking to these larger syndication firms we learned that investor update request began taking more and more of their time, even though they were usually simple requests (updating a legal entity, changing their address or a bank account, requests for a previous year’s K1 or a previously signed subscription agreement).

But by the time it gets to one or two requests per day, they really start piling up, and the old “update all the spreadsheets” approach isn’t going to scale.

Sponsors can’t focus on the bigger picture when their inbox is filling up with the little stuff that’s constantly pulling their attention away.

Part of the difficulty for these sponsors is that they want to provide great service to their investors, but they also have a responsibility to manage the assets, find new deals, and provide great returns.

Sponsors can’t focus on the bigger picture when their inbox is filling up with the little stuff that’s constantly pulling their attention away.

How does our real estate syndication software solve these challenges?

Capital Raise Management Investment Tracker Screenshot

Capital Raise Automation

With our Capital Raise Tracker, the deal sponsor is able to see and manage all of their investors and commitments from a central dashboard that lets them see the status of each investor and follow up appropriately, sending a quick email, resending a document link, etc.

They can also see their funding targets and how much they still needed to raise, as well as manage any capital raisers bringing equity to the deal.

Passive investors and LPS are able to complete the subscription process with minimal input from the sponsor: from raising their hand to commit, to signing documents, to wiring funds… all of that happens on autopilot.

Investor Self Service

Our investor portal puts your investor requests on autopilot.

Investors can easily find all of their documents, see their distributions, update bank account and contact information, and see investment updates from a single login.

They can even securely upload a missing document to the sponsor without sharing a bunch of links or sharing sensitive information over email.

Here’s a quick look at how easy Investor Deal Room makes it for investors to update a legal entity.

Instant Credibility

There are a lot of things that have to come together to create a professional image in the eyes of your LPs, but having the right software can play a huge part.

I mean just look at this…

Do you want to invest with those guys?

Yeah, thought so.

Here’s a quote from a client of ours who was able to quickly scale his business to hundreds of investors per deal.

The most powerful thing that’s hard to quantify is how important the level of professionalism we bring is. Having two factor authentication, email verification, to have that and be able to tout it to investors is extremely legitimizing.

Andrew Campbell – Wildhorn Capital

What are real estate syndicators saying about Investor Deal Room?

Portrait of Andrew Campbell - Wildhorn Capital

“We’ve been able to automate of a huge chunk of our investor management, from getting subscription documents signed, getting payout details, generating the welcome letters, and it’s been huge.

During our raises our time spent managing investors has gone from probably 45 minutes per investor to about 5 minutes.

The most powerful thing that’s hard to quantify is how important the level of professionalism we bring is. Having two factor authentication, email verification, to have that and be able to tout it to investors is extremely legitimizing.”

Andrew Campbell

Real Estate Syndicator

Portrait of Aaron Cook - CoveMark

Our investor feedback has been amazing and our capital raises and K1 management are a thousand times easier.

Aaron Cook

Fund Manager

Portrait of Dave Thompson - Thompson Investing

Being able to gain visibility into our investors, rank them by number of deals or amount invested, etc, has been extremely useful. Additionally, we really enjoy working with Josiah & the IDR team.

Portrait of Campbell Kerr - Arbor Stone Capital

The team has been fantastic! The word fantastic is an understatement. Everything from answering questions, to supporting the launch of the platform, to soliciting feedback for future ideas within the platform has been great! Everyone we’ve had the chance to work with has been so nice and supportive. We’re so fortunate to have found such a great partner not only with the platform but with the support team as well!

What are passive investors saying about Investor Deal Room?

Your LPs experience in a client portal is every bit as important, possibly more important, than yours.

That’s why we’ve spent so much time crafting our investor experience to be as focused and intuitive as possible.

Everything they need with no bells and whistles.

Here’s just a tiny fraction of the feedback our sponsors hear every day when launching their portal to their investors.

“Wow, the portal is slick!”

“It is great to see it all in one place. It is simple (which I love) and gives me what I am looking for.”

“Way to go on the investor portal. Very convenient and nice. Thanks again.”

“Got a chance to set up the investor portal. Pretty slick. Thanks for providing this to your investors.”

After evaluating IMS, Juniper Square, and smaller investor portals on the market, I was very impressed with the simplicity and the functionality of IDR. Many of my personal investments are now on IDR which I believe is by far the most intuitive and simple.

Who is our Investor Deal Room a good fit for?

Our real estate syndication software is built specifically for small companies who are scaling their business without a huge team.

Our clients usually have a team of 2 to 5 with at least one person focused on investor relations.

Investor Deal Room is a great fit for established syndicators who have completed a few deals, though we work with newer syndicators as well.

Another important thing to note is that we’re a small, family owned business that takes care of our customers. We have excellent customer service and will always go the extra mile to help our customers succeed.

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