Referral Management/Co-GP Tracking

Working with outside partners to refer investors to your deals becomes an order of magnitude more difficult when they don’t have visibility into your operations. Give them their own limited portal and track all investors they invite to your deals.

  • Referring Partner Tracking
  • Co-branded Registration Pages
  • Read Only Access
  • Filter Investors by Partner
Referral Management Screenshot

Preserve Your GP Relationships

Investor Deal Room has a suite of features that help you work with your general partners to manage investors and raise capital with ease.

Co-branding opportunities provide a marketing bonus for teams you partner with and an admin dashboard allows them to manage their own investors to work towards their own fundraising goals.

Our partner management settings help ensure that you always respect the communication preferences of the companies you partner with.

Raise More With Others

Sure, we created a CRM for keeping track of investors, but we also developed additional features to help you team up with other sponsors to raise even more capital.

Offline, you work side by side with other companies, why should your online relationship be any different?

Here are some of the ways we help you work with referring partners and co-GPs

  • Opt referred investors out of portal communications.
  • Control partner administrative access levels.
  • Provide partners with a co-branded portal
  • Provide partners with co-branded registration pages
  • Referral tracking through unique URLs
  • Set unique fundraising goals for each partner.
  • Filter investments by referring partners
  • Run partner reports.
  • Give your partners reporting tools.

Did we mention that you can create a new Team in as little as 1 minute!?


Referring Partner Management Benefits

Co-Branded Investor Portal

Display your partners' company logo alongside yours when their investors register online.

Investment Tracking

Provide partners access to a limited investment tracker where they’ll see their investors status as they go through the subscription process.


Easily view and export reports showing all of the investments referred by your partners.


Protect your GP relationships by respecting their investor communication preferences.

Fundraise Management

Set unique capital raising goals for each partner to help them manage their own raise.


You can always count on the fact that a real live person is around to help you when needed. We provide top notch support via phone or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a referring partner?

A “referring partner” is someone who is raising capital for you investment.

In real estate syndication, they are often GPs who have their own investors they invite to the deal.

Managing broker dealers can use the referring partners feature to track sales teams from selected broker dealers.

Can a referring partner see my investors?


Referring partners can only see the investors they bring to a given project.

They can also only see their portion of capital raised, and can only access projects you give them access to.

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