Company Update – April 2021

It’s been a long time since our last company update.

2020 was…


It was 2020.

Enough said.

Needless to say, we didn’t let pandemic blues keep us down. We got a lot accomplished from our home offices in Springfield, Missouri. Our small team has been moving mountains to make big things happen, just like our clients!

So cue the 80’s, montage music and strap yourself in. Today we’re taking a look at new resources we’ve created, the current state of the union, and what it means for the IDR family.

New Developments

Let’s get started with some things that we’ve been really excited about, and you should be too!

Expanding the Team

We’ve added some new developers to our ranks. This will allow us to put more resources into developing the features that our clients have requested and keep development going on a continual basis. This is a huge win for us and our clients. Here’s some of the things that we’ll be able to accomplish:

  • Rollout new features and enhancements quicker than ever.
  • Take on more difficult projects (like adding ACH payments and adding a Zapier integration).
  • Better prevent bugs from making it through testing.
  • Improved response times for bugfixes when needed.
  • Improved communication with our clients about future development.

IDR 2.0

In Q2 of 2020 we released a new version of our software and successfully migrated our existing clients. Among other things, we focused on adding some basic CRM tools and making the investment process more customizable. CRM features made sending bulk emails possible, and sponsors can now edit investment steps to accommodate a wider variety of offerings.

We also ended our relationship with HelloSign in favor of a DocuSign integration which allows investor information to pre-populate offering documents. It’s now possible for Investors to go from creating a new account to e-signing in under 5 minutes.

Other improvements include:

  • Adding Investor Classes & Editing Ownership Percentages
  • Bulk Document Upload Tool
  • Improved Document Storage & Organization
  • Options For Performing Investor Verification In Portal (more enhancements coming soon!)
  • And More!

New Resources

We’ve been working hard to support up and coming syndicators and existing clients alike by providing free resources and improving communication.

Resource Bundle for Real Estate Syndicators

We created a free resource bundle for new syndicators which uses spreadsheets and various templates. This is aimed at helping smaller companies get organized and create scalable business solutions.

It includes:

  • Downloadable spreadsheets for Capital Raise Tracking.
  • 2 Free Pitch Book Templates
  • Branded Welcome Letter Template.
  • Branded Template for Distribution Statements.
  • An Investment Bible for Completed Contributions
  • A “9 Steps To A Smooth Capital Raise” Infographic About Industry Best Practices.

Over 140 people have already taken advantage of these free resources.

You can download this resource bundle by clicking the link in the sidebar.

In Portal Support

In early 2021, we launched an “In Portal” support module that suggests help articles tailored to whatever area of the portal is active.  This makes it easier for sponsors to they find information they need and contact support (or their dedicated account representative). It also makes it easier for new clients to learn how to navigate their new IDR portals by themselves. HERE’s the full release.

Feature Roadmap

We also launched a Feature Roadmap that lets clients see, vote, and comment on new features and enhancements in our development pipeline.

Feedback is the backbone of our product. Our goal is to focus on what we do well and to be the best at it. We’ve never wanted to bog clients down with unnecessary bells and whistles. We want to know what sponsors need to get the job done with ease.

It’s our believe this direct line of communication with our clients will help us accomplish this.

Click HERE for more information.

Deal Creation Service

For our existing clients, we now offer a deal creation service where a dedicated service representative will completely set up your offering for a smooth raise and a quick turn around. This service includes:

  • Adding a new project to your IDR portal.
  • Uploading relevant documents to a virtual deal room.
  • Configuring offering settings and access.
  • Preparing your offering documents in DocuSign.
  • Including a W9.
  • Adding wiring instructions.
  • Testing the investment process for all entity types (i.e. individual, corporation, trust, etc).
  • Providing dedicated support throughout the raise such as updating subscription documents.

If you are interested in this service, please contact support through your IDR portal or reach out to your dedicated account representative.

In Closing…

…we’ve had a really productive year and have continued to make progress despite 2020’s setbacks. We look forward to continual improvement and providing a top notch product to our clients.

We’re already capitalizing on our new team members and our ACH payouts module is well underway. We’re planning for a release late in Q2.

If you want to learn more about how you can become part of the growing IDR family, click the link in the sidebar to schedule a demo.

Thank you all for reading.

And as always,

Happy raises!

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